With over 15 years’ experience in shopfitting and exhibition stand installations, Blazepoint are the retail display specialists for you. We offer a turnkey service from concept design to installation of your shop or exhibition.

Blazepoint’s success in the shopfitting industry can also be attributed to our team.

Our factory is based in Spartan, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our Team

There is a quote by J.C. Maxwell that says “Teamwork makes the dream work” and
that is one of the foundations at Blazepoint. We believe that our success can only be achieved through a great team. Our team consists of staff members who are fully qualified as team leaders, carpenters, spray painters, electricians, painters and machinists.


We ensure that each project is treated with care and precision and done according to the client’s specifications.

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At Blazepoint, we pride ourselves on striving for perfection through precision. 

To achieve this goal, we manufacture a wide variety of the shopfitting components in our manufacturing facility. This ensures that you will receive a superior product that meets the individualised specifications for your commercial space. This facility is a 2350m factory.

Our equipment is constantly being improved on and we try to increase our range of equipment every year.

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