4 Retail design practices to grab your buyer’s attention.

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Researchers estimate that 80-85% of information is processed through vision. But what does this mean for your retail store? How can you use it to grab your buyer’s attention?

Here are 4 retail design practices to grab your buyer’s attention

1. Choose the right floor plan

When choosing a floor plan for your business, you need to think about your target market, the size of your shop and your merchandise.
There are 4 types of floor plans to consider:

  • Straight floor plan: This floor plan is used by large retail stores, supermarkets and shops which display most of their merchandise on shelves. This design involves racks or shelves been put in straight lines.
  • Loop plan: In this design, you position your fixtures and merchandise in a way which encourages your customers to walk in a loop around your store. They may start on the right side and walk in a circle around your store.
  • Angular floor plan: This floor plan is used by retail stores which sell high-end products. The fixtures have curves and angles which add to the cost of the store design. These designs also offer minimal display areas for merchandise. This makes it difficult for stores which have a lot of stock to display.   
  • Free flow floor plan: This plan has no set route and doesn’t encourage your customer to walk in a specific way. Your customers have the freedom to move in any direction which they please through your store.

2. Declutter the decompression zone

The decompression zone is the first 3 – 4 meters in your store. It is important to keep this area open and welcoming. Products displayed in this area will often be overlooked. This is the area where people become acclimatised to your store and decide whether they would like to come in further. The customer will also take in your decor and promotions from this area. It should be an area where your customer has some space.

3. Make your window displays pop

Window displays are the first impression a customer has of your brand. It is important that it is inventive and creative. When designing your window displays, you should ensure that they are balanced across all the windows. You should use good lighting which highlights the products on display. Remember to keep it simple and uncluttered. This is also an opportunity to cross-merchandise your products as you can put products which go together on display. You should also change your window displays often to keep your store top-of-mind.

4. Create a comfortable atmosphere

The atmosphere of your store will influence how long a customer will be there. The more comfortable a customer feels in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. You should ensure the music played in your store is suitable for your target market. You should also ensure that your staff come across as helpful and pleasant. According to research, 63% of customers are aware of how the atmosphere of store influenced their buying behaviour. 

By implementing these four retail design practices, you will create a store which customers love to be in and buy at.

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