Retail store design ideas to improve purchases


7 easy retail store design steps to improve your sales

Did you know that the way people feel in your shop can increase your sales?
The layout and the atmosphere of the shop can affect your client’s mood which will then affect their purchasing behaviour. So, what can you do to encourage them to buy more?

STEP 1: Plot out your shop.

It is important to plot out different zones in your shop and make a note of what you want your client to feel when they enter into these various zones.
The zones which you can look at are:

  • Outside of the store – this is the area in front of your shop window and your window displays.
  • Front of the store – this is the area where the customer walks into the store and where they will create their first impression of your shop.
  • Merchandise – these are the areas where your merchandise is displayed as the client walks through your store.
  • Point of Sale counter – this area is where your client will make the final purchase.
  • Miscellaneous areas – these are areas like dressing rooms or a space to try on shoes if you sell fashion items. It also includes the area where your client will exit the shop.

Now that you have written how you want people to feel in each zone, it is important to walk through your shop and see if those emotions are evoked in you. You can also ask your friends and family to walk through your shop and give you feedback on how they feel when they are in your shop.

STEP 2: Clean your shop

The next aspect to focus on is keeping your shop spick and span. People don’t like to shop when they see a place is dirty. This is why it is imperative that your products are packed nicely on the shelves and that your shop windows and floors are clean.

STEP 3: Use speed bumps

When you create your shopper’s path through your store it is important to create speed bumps to slow them down through their shopping experience. You want to spark their interest and let them stop and peruse through your products. You can do this by creating an interesting display on a table or on a wall.

STEP 4: Create an accent wall

This is a wall which draws the attention of your customer. You can do it by painting the wall a bright colour or using wallpaper. If you want to develop a relaxed atmosphere in your shop, you may want to incorporate a green wall made from plants.

STEP 5: Entice them with their senses

Not only do you need to feed the visual sense of your customer but you need to make sure your store has great music and smells in it. You can connect to Spotify and look for music which compliments your brand and encourages your customers to buy from you. You can also have a diffuser in your shop which could make your shop smell good.

STEP 6: Check them out

It is important to ensure your customers are comfortable when they come to pay. Your check-out counter should have enough space for your customer’s personal belongings and their purchases. You can also encourage impulse buying by having items which clients want or need displayed close by.

STEP 7: Be polite

Whether you are speaking to your client face-to-face or in your signage it is important to be polite. This will encourage your clients to want to come again if they have had a pleasant experience at your shop.

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