How to shop fit your shop to prevent shoplifting

Shoplifting Prevention

Shoplifting is one of the three ways that retail stores make a loss but how can you
minimise this loss? One cost-effective way is to ensure your shop is fitted to deter
people from shoplifting. Here are five considerations to have when shopfitting your
retail space to curb shoplifting.

1. Think about having an open plan retail space.

It is important to have your space as open as possible as this will ensure that your employees will be able to see what is happening throughout the shop. This will also make shoplifters more visible to employees. The only downside of a store which is too open is that when it gets very busy, it is easier for shoplifters to steal from you. But this can be prevented by having employees visible on the floor at all times.

2. Position your cashier register strategically.

You should consider raising the platform where your cash register is positioned so that your employees have a clear view of the store while they attend to your customers. Another consideration is to have the cash register near the entrance or exit of your shop or to ensure that employees have clear visibility of the entrance and exit of the store.

3. Be strategic with your displays.

Displays can be used to create natural barriers which guide your potential customer through your store and assists them past the different products you have on offer. These barriers will also deter potential shoplifters. Make sure that the heights of the display are staggered or low so that your employees have clear sight lines throughout the store. In addition, you can install glass cabinets to display high-value items in your store.

4. Install mirrors and good lighting.

It is very important that your store is well lit. This will ensure that there are no dark corners in your shop. If you do have blind spots in your store, then you should consider installing convex mirrors.

5. Put up signage.

You don’t need to risk valuable real estate on signage for shoplifters as you can put it on the wall near the roof. By doing this, shoplifters will see the signage when they are checking for security cameras.
In addition to these five considerations, you can deter shoplifters by having great customer service. Ensure that your employees welcome each customer that enters the store. Let them walk through the aisles offering assistance to those shoppers who are browsing. This will let the shoplifters know that you have seen them and may discourage them. Another cost-effective way to deter shoplifters is to ensure
that your store is neat and tidy. By keeping the merchandising neatly stacked on the shelves, your employees can easily and quickly detect if any shoplifting has taken place.

Unfortunately, shoplifting is a real threat to your store but by implementing these considerations when setting up your store you will be able to deter shoplifters without losing the appeal for customers.

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